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Excerpts from the Book

Thriving is our birthright as human beings. Many of us have just forgotten how to do it because we’ve gotten lost on the road of comparison. We’ve grown so accustomed to focusing on what the traveler walking next to us has that we want, that we’ve lost who we are in the process”

Thrivers have developed the capacity to look at life through a lens of an ever-broadening mindset and envision possibilities where others see limitations. They focus on why things can happen, rather than one why they can’t…They look at the past without regrets but with an appreciation of lessons learned. They look forward to the future with optimism, but they stay fully engaged with the learning each moment brings.”

When we label ourselves and allow our past experiences to define the life we live now, we abdicate our power and limit ourselves for becoming all we were meant to become. It’s not the challenging experiences we accrue in our lives but rather how we use them as opportunities to transform ourselves that are the hallmark of people who thrive.”

We may possess the most compelling vision in the world, but if we aren’t willing to embrace the challenges we encounter while trying to bring that vision into reality, we will never fulfill our potential. We have the ability to make our mark in the world, or we wouldn’t have been given the aspiration. It’s our response to our abilities that separates thrivers from those who limit themselves.”

Trusting life requires having faith that there’s a purpose for our lives, even when we haven’t a clue what that may be. This kind of faith allows us to rely on the reality of things unseen, of futures unknown, of people unmet, of accepting some doors must close so that others may open. Ultimately, this kind of faith means being willing to let go of the need to be in control. Holding this kind of faith takes courage and vulnerability.”

As we being to focus our energy on conforming to others’ expectations, often without being aware of what we’re doing, we stop listening to ourselves. We may even start sacrificing what’s most important to us—our values, the kind of work we do, where we want to live, the people we choose to spend our time with—in order to fit in, succeed and feel accepted.”

To thrive, we have to take the risk to participate actively to change the things within our control. We learn to act as causal agents in our lives, rather than as passive actors who allow ourselves to be affected by the negative things that may be happening around us.”

Freedom requires that we take the responsibility to pay forward what we’ve learned, and to be of help to those who come after us. True freedom comes from our willingness to share our gifts with others.”

In order to transform our world, we must first change ourselves. To create a world where all may thrive, we must learn to thrive ourselves. Thriving requires living above the waterline and modeling that for others. It asks us to write the next chapter of our life stories in fresh, creative and powerful ways, in ways that motivate those who come after us to want to follow our example. And finally, accepting the call to thrive invite us to share our gifts with those whose lives we touch, so they’ll be inspired to do the same.”

We each have a list of wounds we carry. Some of our lists are longer and some shorter, but regardless of their size and scope, they are not destined to become the roof under which we live unless we let them. We are given the choice to do the work it takes to bind our wounds and insecurities in compassion and trust and emerge on the other side.”

Embarking on this journey to thriving requires that we ask a different set of questions and shift our focus on personal gain to a focus on contribution. We learn to ask questions that generate greater possibilities for our lives, instead of those that limit or constrain us from offering our greatest gifts. Rather than focusing on what we want to get from the world, we being to reflect on what we might give.”

Trusting our authentic calling is critical, but we have to take the time and be still enough to hear what it is. We must also be humble enough to discern that call through the purity of a well-examined heart, rather than through self-serving needs driven by greed, pride, or a quest for power.”

As we remove the blinders that keep us from seeing the magnificence of who we are and of who we are called to be, our highest potential can be expressed and our greatest self, revealed.  Every day we have an opportunity to say yes to that call, to living a life of purpose…even though the fog may block our view.”

Are you more afraid of success than failure?

Do you undervalue your worth?

Are you unaware of the limitations that keep you from
flourishing in your life, work, and relationships? 

A major reason why people don’t thrive is because we’re focusing on the wrong things―on keeping up rather than waking up to what matters most. In The Thriver’s Edge, master executive coach and transformational leadership expert Dr. Donna Stoneham uses her powerful THRIVER model to help readers uncover the beliefs and fears holding them back from more fully expressing their gifts. Page by page, Donna explores the many ways to develop and integrate the seven keys—trust, humility, resilience, inner direction, vision, expansiveness, and responsibility—that lead to thriving, illustrating her points with personal stories and inspirational examples of various people who have flourished in the midst of adversity. At the end of each chapter, powerful reflection questions and practices encourage readers to put these seven keys into practice. Practical, practicable, and transformative, The Thriver’s Edge is a “coach in a book” that teaches readers to unleash their potential, fulfill their dreams and offer their best to the world.

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asheardonamerican108wIn this interview, featured on American Airlines in-flight radio, Donna Stoneham discusses Integral Intelligence® and her book, “The Thriver’s Edge: Seven Keys to Transform the Way You Live, Love and Lead”.

Advance Praise

If you want to take your life to the next level of thriving, fulfillment, inner peace, love, joy and all the important things we want in life and still be more effective at work, read The Thriver’s Edge. I promise you’ll be glad you did.
Jack Canfield, New York Times best-selling author of The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
All too often, we let the busy-ness of every day take over the meaning of our lives. Reading this book will change that; by bringing trust and vision to consciousness, we can live and lead more expansively and successfully than ever. After reading The Thriver’s Edge, you’ll have renewed enthusiasm and purpose for all that you do!
Marshall Goldsmith, author of New York Times bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
In a world dominated by fear-based approaches to success, The Thriver’s Edge offers an inspiring and life-affirming alternative. Donna Stoneham writes with the wisdom of one who has guided many people in manifesting their inner gifts.
Tara Brach, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge
If you need to do some soul searching to find out how you can live with passion and on purpose, this book will serve as a warm hand on your back. It guides you gently toward the realization of all you can make possible.
Dawna Markova, Ph.D., author of I Will Not Die an Unlived Life, and Collaborative Intelligence: Thinking Effectively With People Who Think Differently.
The Thriver’s Edge is living proof that we can achieve success in the corporate world without sacrificing our personal integrity or starving our soul. In this wise and wonderful book, Donna Stoneham takes us by the hand and shows us how we too can bridge the worlds of business and spirituality.”
Jalaja Bonheim, PhD, author of The Sacred Ego: Making Peace with Ourselves and Our World
In The Thriver’s Edge, Dr. Donna Stoneham has masterfully distilled decades of life experience and professional expertise into seven practices essential to thriving. Skillfully presented in a clear and straightforward way, these practices come alive in all their depth and substance with stories and examples that ring true to the reader’s own experience. Stoneham’s suggestions for developing the seven keys are practical and doable. The series of reflective questions and her sage advice steadily guide readers in their quest to step into a bigger life, express their deepest potential, and become their greatest selves.
Linda Graham, MFT, author of Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being
The Thriver’s Edge poses a powerful question: Consider for a moment how our world be transformed if we supported one another to become the magnificent beings we are designed to be. This book consistently shows us how to do that in ways that support us to thrive, not just survive, which is something the world needs more than ever.
Niki Barr, PhD, author of Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster of Cancer
The Thriver’s Edge is an inspiring, uplifting, and empowering book grounded in the real world experience of a successful executive coach and transformational expert Dr. Donna Stoneham. Sharing transformational experiences that aid in the learning process, Stoneham provides numerous inquiry practices that offer real takeaway value, and she makes deep concepts meaningful and accessible for the reader. The Thriver’s Edge is well-written, intellectually stimulating, relevant, and spiritually rewarding.
Sandra and Daniel Biskind, authors of Peace: Power Up Your Life
Your book was powerful, motivating, and it reinforced some decisions I need to make in my life. After open-heart surgery, my focus was to survive, but now that I’m healthy again, I want to thrive. Life is too short to do otherwise.
Bob Lee, author of Living with Heart Disease: Denial, Clarity and Gratitude
I read an advance copy of The Thriver’s Edge a few weeks ago. Knowing Donna’s transformative work with leaders and leadership teams and her vibrant and resilient spirit, I knew it would be wise and useful. I hadn’t expected the profound beauty. It is filled with inspiring and touching courageous human stories, hers and people she’s worked with over her career. I’m rereading it as it’s inspiring me to enhance my own life, but it also opens my heart more fully to the human experience and our common humanity. Thank you, Donna, for this incredible gift and model of thriving.
Brooke Deterline, President, Courageous Leadership