Are You Living on the Thriver’s Edge? Take This Short Quiz to Find Out

Are you ready to live on the Thriver’s Edge and pay it forward?

Then Join the 2 X 20 Thriver Movement

A movement is a group of people committed to reaching hearts and minds and inspiring change to build a better world.  Right now, 3 out of 4 people on the planet aren’t thriving (including 1 in 2 adults in the US).  Thriving doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  We need each other.  When we learn how to live on the thriver’s edge, we help others to thrive by paying it forward and encouraging them to do the same.

My dream is that through working together, by 2020, we can reach 2 million people and create a ripple effect of thriving in the world that will help raise those statistics, one person at a time.  It’s a simple equation.  One person learns to thrive and supports another to do the same.  Then that person pays it forward and inspires the next person, until each of us becomes a stone that casts a ripple of ever-widening circles of thriving in our families, our communities, and in the teams and organizations we serve.

Here are five ways you can participate to get this 2 X 20 Thriver Movement started:

LEVEL ONE:  JOIN THE MOVEMENT and Participate in Monthly Webinars that Help You Live on The Thriver’s Edge.

Sign up to participate in the 2 X 20 Thriver Movement, and once a month, I’ll hold a complimentary interactive webinar on one of the topics related to the 7 Keys to Thriving with tips to help you thrive.  In return, I ask that you make a contribution within your means to a charity of your choice that helps people thrive. That’s the first way to pay it forward.

LEVEL TWO: JOIN A SUPPORT NETWORK OF COMMITTED THRIVERS by Becoming a Monthly 2 x 20 Thriver’s Edge Sustaining Member

Become a monthly 2 X 20 Thriver’s Edge Sustaining Member.  In addition to the monthly calls included in #1 above, I’ll host a second monthly interactive webinar that takes a deeper dive into a topic that members want to explore. I’ll also provide you with a new set of reflection questions, practices, and a guided visualization each month related to the topic we discuss on our member call.  You’ll also be able to meet and connect with other people committed to thriving through Thriver’s Edge Forums. I will donate 25% of all sustaining member fees to organizations who help people thrive around the world. That’s the second way to pay it forward.


You’ll receive everything outlined in Option # 2.  Additionally, you’ll be paired with one of our seasoned master coaches to work with for six months for an hour twice each month by phone, Skype or Google Chat. Our coaches will help you build your capacity to thrive and more fully express your potential. In the first month, your coach will interview you, understand your goals and aspirations, and partner with you to create a personal development plan that helps you reach your goals. In months two-six, you’ll meet with your coach twice each month.  These sessions will help you illuminate blind spots and move past obstacles that get in your way of your success.  Your coach will provide you with feedback, support, practices and reflection questions tailored to your needs to help you reach your dreams. As you learn, transform, and flourish, you’ll inspire others to do the same. That’s the third way to pay it forward.


You will receive everything outlined in # 2 above and work with a seasoned master executive coach to help you accelerate your leadership. Following an initial interview and review of any 360 feedback data you have to share with your coach, working together, you’ll create a personalized leadership development plan tailored to help you reach your goals and aspirations in your life and leadership.  For the next five months, you’ll meet with your executive coach by phone, Skype or Google Chat twice each month and your coach will be available by phone and email as needed for support. Your coach will help you illuminate blind spots, eliminate obstacles, and provide you with feedback, support, practices and reflection questions tailored to meet your needs and help you reach your development goals so that you, your team, and your organization can unleash your power to thrive.™  That’s the fourth way to pay it forward.


For one-on-one executive coaching with Donna, team and leadership development programs, facilitation, and speaking engagements for your organization, please visit us at our website.  As your organization helps your people thrive in work and life, you create deeper engagement and positive change for your employees, your stakeholders and the constituents you serve.  That’s a fifth way to pay it forward.


Donna talks about the gifts of paying it forward: